100+ Awesome Easter Basket Filler Ideas

100+ Awesome Easter Basket Filler Ideas - Don't fill kids' baskets with a bunch of candy! Check out all of these great ideas instead! Kids actually prefer these things over candy!

























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I had to run to the store this week to pick up a few items, and when I walked in the doors and turned the corner, all of the store associates were busy stocking shelves with boxes upon boxes of Easter goodies. The candy, oh the candy, the pastel colors, the beautiful Easter grass. I could hardly contain myself. Although there was hardly any room in aisles for customers, we all managed to push through anyway and squeeze ourselves between the boxes and the shelves just to stand there in awe and take it all in.

Here in Wisconsin we’ve had such a brutal winter. It’s little things like Easter items on a store shelf that give us the glimmer of hope that spring will someday will arrive and rescue us from this blah, mundane, freezing cold. . . whiteness.

One of my favorite things of all time is putting Easter baskets together for my kids. No worries, I always consult with the Easter Bunny (multiple times) to ensure nothing gets duplicated. I will admit, I sometimes (all of the time) tend to go overboard with the baskets and buy oversize toys and treats, trying to shove things in them that obviously won’t fit, and then the Bunny gets angry with me because there’s no possible way to hide the baskets. I say, that’s his problem.

Here are 100+ Awesome Easter Basket Filler Ideas (toys and snacks) to put into your kids’ baskets. Because I absolutely love Amazon.com, I’ve also included links to fun examples of many of the items on the list. I’m not saying that these are the absolute rock bottom prices, so make sure to check your local stores, too. This list is meant to inspire!

The ideas span a wide range of ages. There are ideas for girls and boys. There are ideas you may have never heard of or seen before. There are SO many ideas you won’t possibly fit them all in your kids’ baskets (trust me on this one), but you can absolutely pick your favorites!

Your kids will be through-the-roof excited when they find their basket this year!

  1. Gift cards (iTunes, McDonald’s, local movie theater, etc.)
  2. Puzzles and coloring books
  3. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  4. DVD movies
  5. Music CDs
  6. Re-usable water bottles/sippy cups
  7. Swimsuit
  8. Sunglasses
  9. Mini lantern
  10. Swim goggles
  11. Bubbles
  12. Bubble wands
  13. Bubble machine
  14. Character dinnerware set (plate, fork, spoon, cup)
  15. Slime/Flarp Noise Putty
  16. Play-Doh eggs/Silly Putty
  17. Whoopee cushion
  18. Matchbox/Hot Wheels cars
  19. Stuffed animals
  20. Sidewalk chalk
  21. Slinky
  22. Water beads
  23. Beef jerky/Slim Jim
  24. Bath toys
  25. Dress-up costume and accessories
  26. DIY coupons (family movie night, stay up 30 minutes later, dessert before dinner, etc.)
  27. Water Wow books
  28. Books/Board Books
  29. Watercolor paint set
  30. Crayola Color Wonder markers and books
  31. Small character figurines
  32. Fun pens/pencils
  33. Cool erasers
  34. Small Lego sets (Mixels are new and a lot of fun!)
  35. Crayons
  36. Mini boxes of cereal your kids may not get very often
  37. Small journals/drawing pads
  38. Hair accessories (pony holders, barrettes, headbands)
  39. Nail polish
  40. Stickers
  41. Removable tattoos
  42. Hairbrush
  43. Bath color tablets
  44. Character band-aids
  45. Super balls
  46. Yard games (Paddle ball, etc.)
  47. Pajamas
  48. Clothing sets
  49. Beach towel
  50. Small blanket
  51. Fun socks
  52. Popcorn that pops right in the bowl
  53. Frisbee
  54. Body spray/perfume
  55. Travel-size hand sanitizer
  56. Money ($2 bills, half dollars, etc.)
  57. Craft kits
  58. Small bags of snacks (goldfish crackers, graham crackers, single serve cheese & crackers, etc.)
  59. Mad Libs
  60. Magic Velvet Pattern Reveal Scenes
  61. Juice boxes/Capri Sun/Kool-Aid single serve packets
  62. Lip gloss/chapstick
  63. Jump rope
  64. Loom Bands
  65. Silly String
  66. Fun, twisty drinking straws
  67. Beach toys (bucket, shovel, beach ball)
  68. Paint by numbers kit
  69. Slinky
  70. Kite
  71. Fashion jewelry
  72. Flashlight
  73. Action figures/Barbies/dolls
  74. Flip flops/sandals/shoes/slippers
  75. Mini garden tool set with flower pot and seeds
  76. Window garden
  77. Itzabot monsters (AKA Chia Pets)
  78. Light sticks
  79. Squirt guns
  80. Bike accessories (streamers for handles, horn, light-up bike wheels, etc.)
  81. Crafting accessories (glue, glitter, puffy paint, etc.)
  82. Small gumball machine
  83. Card games
  84. Travel games
  85. Bag of marbles
  86. Airplane kit
  87. LED finger lights
  88. Magic grow capsules
  89. Finger puppets
  90. Critter case for bug exploration
  91. Hatch and Grow animals
  92. Ink stampers
  93. Toy parachutes
  94. Easter headbands
  95. Air rocket
  96. Wind-up toys
  97. Rabbit mask and glasses
  98. Ball poppers
  99. Anything from Oriental Trading Co.
  101. Learning games
  102. Joke book
  103. Microwaveable Smores maker
  104. Harmonica
  105. Balloon racers
  106. Sea Monkey kit
  107. Slide whistle
  108. Squirt guns like this Liquid Eliminator 
  109. Fun bath soaps/body wash
  110. Wrist watch
  111. Magnifying glass
  112. Binoculars
  113. Bug catcher set


  1. Great list of items.

    Natasha @ Serenity You

  2. Thanks so much Natasha!

  3. Thank you so much for the ideas. I like to get my grandsons something other than just candy.

    • Absolutely, Barbara. In my opinion, kids get more excited about the little gifts anyway. They also last longer and are better for them!


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