50+ Super Fun Sayings for Valentine’s Day

50+ Super Fun Sayings for Valentine's Day

For all of you who are rushing to come up with valentines for their kids’ parties at school next week, I’ve rounded up over 50 FUN valentine’s sayings that can be paired with toys and food! While this isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, it will definitely get your gears turning –  and who knows, you may come up with an entirely new phrase just from all of the inspiration! If you do, I want to hear it! Make sure to share in the comments below.

Now, let’s have some fun!
Toy Cars
I “wheelie” like you.
I like how you roll.
Activity Book with Mazes/Puzzles
I think you’re “aMAZING,” Valentine!
I’ll be puzzled if you won’t be my Valentine!
Glow Sticks or Flashlights
You make my heart glow.
You light up my life!
Valentine, you blow me away.
You blow my mind!
Don’t burst my bubble, be my Valentine!
Blowing kisses your way!
Valentine, you are just “write.”
Super Balls
You make my heart bounce!
Have a “ball,” Valentine!
You’re “super” cool!
I always have a “ball” with you!
Have a “super” Valentine’s Day!
You color my world!
You’re sweet, Valentine!
You make me “snicker,” Valentine! (Snickers)
It’s a “joy” being your friend! (Almond Joy)
You stole a “piece” of my heart! (Reese’s Pieces)
You’re cute as a button! (Button candy)
Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite Peep! (Peeps)
I “treasure” our friendship (Hershey’s Treasures)
“B” Mine. (Butterfinger)
I love the way you roll! (Rolos or Tootsie Rolls)
We’re “mint” to be! (mint candy)
Every day I like you “S’MORE!” (Smores)
You melt my heart, Valentine (solid chocolate heart)
Happy Valentine’s Day, “Smartie” pants! (Smarties)
You “krack” me up! (Krackel bar)
I like you “beary” much! (Gummy Bears)
Let’s stick together, Valentine.
I chews you!
You and me baby, we’re stuck like glue.
Blow me a kiss, Valentine!
Stick with me, Valentine!
I’m stuck on you!
You’re extra special to me! (Extra gum)
Gummy Worms
I dig you!
I’m hooked on you!
Pop Rocks
You rock!
Have a blast, Valentine!
You are a blast!
Goldfish Crackers or Gummy (Swedish) Fish
Will you o’fishally be my Valentine?
You have o’fishally stolen my heart!
You have me hooked, Valentine!
So glad we’re in the same “school,” Valentine!
You’re a keeper!
You’re a great catch!
You are o’fish’ally awesome!
Mini Cereal Boxes
I “cereal”sly want you to be my Valentine!
You are my lucky charm! (Lucky Charms)
You’re the apple of my eye! (Apple Jacks)
Small Cartons of Milk
You “mooove” me, Valentine!
Popcorn or Poptart
My heart “pops” for you!
I’m going bananas over you!
“Orange you going to be my Valentine?
“Orange” you glad we’re friends?
Valentine, you’re the koolest!
Have a “Berry” good Valentine’s Day (Berry flavor Kool-Aid)
You’re “KOOL,” Valentine!

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