6 Price Comparison iPhone Apps

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Who’s getting ready for some Christmas shopping? It’s funny how holiday shopping has changed over the years. I always used to look forward to the Black Friday sales. We’d go through all of the flyers on Thanksgiving night, make our lists, grab our walkie-talkies for in-store strategizing and set our alarms for before the birds were even awake. It seems the whole concept of Black Friday has evolved into Black “A Couple Weeks Before Thanksgiving, During and After.” The real big difference is that stores now start their biggest sales Thanksgiving night – sometimes staying open for 24 hours into the “original” Black Friday.

I no longer participate in Black Friday shopping for three reasons:

  1. Stores took away the fun of Black Friday by opening Thanksgiving night. Please don’t take Thanksgiving away. It’s a time for families to get together and enjoy each other’s company. I don’t want the stress of trying to fit in a meal and shopping excursion in the same day. And for those who actually have to work in the stores starting Thanksgiving night – it takes away from the much-needed family time they get to spend with their loved ones as well.
  2. I’m a mom now. Once you’re a mom, you realize how precious sleep is. It just isn’t as much fun waking up at 2:30 am when you know you don’t really have to. Because FYI, you won’t be able to make it up later (at least I don’t get to in my house).
  3. The deals aren’t always that great. Many of the deals are on brands you’ve never heard of and most stores have very limited quantities of what they have in stock (that’s why people pitch tents in parking lots and fights break out – sad). Also, during the holidays, stores are running deals non-stop from about the end of Halloween to the beginning of the new year. And it’s not only in-store. You can find great deals online as well. Most of my shopping actually takes place online now and I have to say, I’m ok with not having to fight the crowds. I’m also ok with my items being delivered in a box I can easily wrap.

So, the one thing that hasn’t changed when it comes to holiday shopping is my desire to hunt for good deals on the items that are on my family members’ wish lists. And I’m happy to say, there are apps for that. Here are six apps that will save you both time and money doing your holiday shopping this year. Whether you brave the stores or shop online at home.

This is one of my favorite apps and allows you to use your iPhone to compare prices of something you found in the store with Amazon.com prices. You can search for products by bar code scan, picture, text search and voice. What I like best is it also gives you access to Amazon.com reviews on the product. Sometimes I find myself using this app in the store just for the reviews!
Unlike Price Check which just shows you Amazon.com prices, PriceGrabber helps you find the lowest price from thousands of online merchants and sellers. It also features product reviews, specs and ratings.
Red Laser also allows the bar code scanning, but has a few more bells and whistles than the other two. The app has been rated  as a top shopping app by The New York Times, The Today Show, Fortune Magazine, Time Magazine and CNN Money. Why? It not only helps you find the best prices on products, it also helps you find coupons and other deals as well. In addition to online deals, Red Laser takes user convenience a step further by offering both online and local price comparisons.
ShopAdvisor is a great app to have on your iPhone because it includes a 6-12 month price history of products you’re searching for. You can track products you’re interested in on the app and ShopAdvisor notifies you when the price drops as well as let’s you know when it thinks the deal is right. It helps you make informed decisions by offering expert advice on the products as well.

ShopSavvy is as much of a social app as it is a shopping app. It helps you find the best prices and product info while also allowing custom shopping lists to be shared between friends and other shoppers. Follow other users’ shopping lists or create one for others to follow. Discover products you never knew existed from the Popular Products page and Featured Lists. You can also set price alerts to notify you of a good deal.

6. Smoopa

Smoopa is also a social shopping app in the sense it allows you to team up with fellow shoppers to shop smarter, together. The app offers good or bad buy recommendations and displays a green button for the best deals. Follow collections and people you find interesting to see their products in your feed. Some users have called it “addictive.” You be the judge!

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