Autumn Subway Art Round-Up (FREE PRINTABLES!)

It’s only Mid-August and I can already “smell” fall. Believe it or not, some leaves on trees around the area here are even starting to turn. I can’t say I’m absolutely ready for this. What happened to the summer?
Don’t get me wrong, I do love autumn. I love driving in the country to see all of the wagons and trailers on the side of the road selling their pumpkins and gourds. I love all of the craft shows and visits to the local pumpkin patches, and, of course, I LOVE starting to prepare a warm and cozy home for a desolate, cold . . .not to mention LONG winter. Ok, so I don’t love all of the seasons equally, but I’m still thankful I live in an area where we get to experience all four.
I like to decorate with the seasons, but I don’t go too crazy buying a lot because that means I have to store it. And anyone with children knows that storage becomes a most precious commodity after starting a family. So, I try to bring elements of the season from the outside, in. I do a lot of decorating in the fall with acorns, leaves, pine cones, etc. When it’s time for something new, I take them back outside. No guilt because I felt it was time for something new and no storage necessary. Awesome! But one of my favorite low-cost ways to put a splash of the season inside of the home is with printables and I’ve  fallen in love with subway art within this past year.
There are so many blogs out there that I absolutely adore and today I’m giving a shout out to those who have been gracious enough to share their creative subway art printables with the world. I’m a bit of a printable addict and I’ve seen many, many subway art printables for fall. These are the five that really caught my eye. I’m looking forward to new designs coming in the next couple months, but if you want to get started early like I do, here you go!
If you’re new to printables, I’ve offered some simple directions below on how to go about displaying and printing them.
What’s the best way to print a “printable?”
Go to the dollar store or a discount retailer like Walmart and purchase an affordable 8×10 frame. I scored a black frame for under $5. Download the free printable and save it to your computer (for many of the images, you just need to right click and Save As). You can print them one of four ways (I’m sure there’s even more):
  1. Upload the image to a photo website like, size to an 8×10, put it into your online shopping cart, check out and pick it up at your local Target store (they’re partners you know). Don’t forget to choose the pick-up option during check-out.
  2. Save the image off to a flash drive and take it to Kinkos, Staples, Costco or the like to print.
  3. If you have a photo printer, many offer the option to print out images whatever size you like using photo paper.
  4. Use Microsoft Powerpoint or Publisher to size the image. I usually make mine a bit larger than an 8×10, print out at home using matte photo paper and then cut off the white border before I go to put it in the frame.
I usually opt for option #3 or #4 because it means I don’t have to run anywhere and I get to enjoy it immediately. Instant gratification. Sound familiar in this day and age? How would our kids ever have survived having to sit through commercials like we did?
That’s an entirely different post. For now, I hope you enjoy decorating your mantle, kitchen, office, etc. with these fun pops of fall. If you have some you’d like to share, please provide the links in the Comments section. I would love to swap printables! They’re way too much fun to keep to yourself!0fe9d06f3264e07e70b92190ded7b4493b1c70c03ea6774385

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