Broiled Lobster Tails

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One of my most favorite foods in the whole wide world is lobster. If I could eat it every week, I would, but since I live in the Midwest, lobster is definitely not in abundance. However, over Valentine’s weekend, most restaurants will be offering it as a special on their menu. I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to go to a restaurant to enjoy this delicacy. And everyone knows how much money you can save by preparing your own meals at home.

I used to be intimidated by lobster. The first couple times I attempted it, I cooked it too long. I always used to steam it. A couple years ago I decided to try broiling my lobster tails rather than steaming them. And ever since then, I’ve never turned back. Broiling lobster is definitely the way to go, and in my opinion, the presentation is much more appetizing than if you were to steam it.

To prepare broiled lobster tails you’ll need a foil-covered broiler pan and the following ingredients:


  • Lobster tails (Mine were warm water and about .69 lbs. each)
  • Butter
  • Garlic powder
  • Garlic pepper
  • Salt
  • Paprika

Turn your oven broiler on low while you prepare the tails. Start by cutting the shell of the lobster tail right down the middle with a clean kitchen shears. Try not to cut into the meat. Cut above the meat so you’re cutting the shell only.

This is probably the most challenging part of the entire preparation. With both hands, pry the shell apart, loosening the meat of the lobster from the bottom, sides and top of the shell (keeping the end of the tail in tact). Once the meat is loosened, carefully pull the meat through the top of the shell and place it on top of the shell.

Get a knife and make a long vertical slit in the meat. Place a couple pats of butter in the “valley” you’ve made and season it (to taste) with the garlic powder, garlic pepper, salt and paprika.

Put your tails onto your foil-covered broiler pan and place the pan in the oven. I usually put my oven rack in the second position from the top. Broil on low for 11-15 minutes or until the internal temperature of the lobster reaches 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A good rule of thumb is one minute per ounce.

Serve with drawn butter and lemon. Did I not tell you that there’s no need to go to a restaurant when you’re craving lobster?

Making it right at home is just as special. What’s even more special is sharing it with that special someone. Now that I’ve said “special” four times in a row, I hope you understand truly how special this meal can be. And. . .that was five.

And when it comes to cleaning up after dinner, whomever you’re sharing this wonderful lobster with will, for sure, offer to do the dishes in return for such an exquisite meal. Right?
Don’t worry, there won’t be much to clean up, anyway.
What are you doing for Valentine’s Day this year? If you haven’t already made plans, you may want to consider preparing your own broiled lobster tails. If you have already made reservations, there’s still time to cancel. Just sayin’.


  1. Love this lobster. Lobster is one of my most favorite dishes and your’s look gorgeous!

  2. Oh, my, yum!!
    I love lobster!

    I would love to have you hop over and share with us at Tell Me About It Tuesday.


  3. I love lobster but never have been brave enough to cook it! Thanks for linking up at Tell Me About It Tuesday at

  4. Mouth watering!

    Thanks for linking up with us at Tell Me About It Tuesday! I hope you hop over again next week.

  5. What if my broiler only has one setting? Is the rule 1 minute pre ounce still correct?

    • Hi Stephie, if your broiler only has one setting I would continue to take the temp of the lobster with a meat thermometer. When it hit 140 degrees it’s ready!

  6. I have never cooked lobster before, so a few questions. Do you cook the lobster before you broil it? How do you detach the tail from the rest of the body? What do you do with the claws?

  7. You are so right about not needing to go to a restaurant. I make lobster tails every few months, not the tiny ones you pay an arm and a leg for at the restaurant for either. You get much more cooking at home for half the price! Mine are in the oven right now 🙂

  8. I made this for Xmas eve dinner for my husband and I. It was my first crack at lobster, and it was fabulous! Living in California, you’d think Whole Foods would have a larger tail, but mine were both small. I only broiled them for 5 minutes, but they turned out purrrrfect. Served them with filet mignon and homemade gnocchi with mushroom cream sauce. SO AMAZING, and you were right, husband scrubbed down the kitchen afterward ;P


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