Gift Opening Emergency Kit

Christmas Eve is TOMORROW! Where in the heck did the time go? I’m looking forward to time spent with family and friends over the next several days. If you don’t see me around much, you’ll know where I am. I think it’s so important to take time out and just chill every so often. So, that’s what I’ll be doing. . .and gearing up for an incredible 2015! Today, my post is short, but I’m sharing something something I hope {Read More}

Candy-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been cookie crazy this month. In fact, in a way, I feel like I haven’t baked ANYTHING but cookies. Cookies, cookies, cookies. I bet I’m not alone. Many of you have probably been doing some heavy baking yourselves, getting ready for next week. How has Christmas come upon us so fast? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Sigh. And just between you and me, you’ll never believe what I saw {Read More}

Cranberry Party Punch

The countdown to Christmas is ON! And I’m certainly feeling it. Are you? I always tell myself that I’m going to be more prepared, I’m going to get my shopping done earlier, I’m going to be ahead of schedule so I can take a bit more time to relax and enjoy. It just never seems to happen. Now don’t get me wrong. I certainly will relax and enjoy when Christmas Eve arrives, but until then, I’m still busy getting teacher {Read More}

Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies

It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas! Are you singing along with me? This is truly one of my favorite times of the year and I’ve been baking and decorating nonstop for the past couple weeks. I have to spread it out a bit so I don’t get my “tinsel in a tangle.” I hope you’ve been blaring the Christmas music and getting ready for this special time as well! Today I’m sharing some yummy Chocolate Chip Snowball Cookies. {Read More}

Peppermint Bath Bombs

Peppermint Bath Bombs – These “blue snowballs” soothe, invigorate your senses with cool peppermint and transform your bath water color to an ocean blue. This post contains affiliate links. Please see my disclosure policy. So, I have this thing for the color blue. . .I’m attracted to the color blue. I like to eat things that are blue, drink things that are blue, create things that are blue and yep, even BATHE with things that are the color blue. There’s {Read More}

Favorite Things Giveaway!!

I’m super excited to be participating in a Favorite Things Giveaway! This is a collective effort giveaway and each amazing blogger involved has put together a collection of their favorite things. To do what with? Give them away!! To who? To YOU!! Visit EACH one of the 15 bloggers to see what is in their basket. Every blogger is hosting a giveaway on their site, for their collection. Enter each giveaway for a chance to win that specific collection. Who knows, maybe you’ll win more than one!! Here’s what {Read More}


Oh my goodness. I am still so very full from yesterday. It was all so delicious I couldn’t help myself. Please tell me I’m not alone! The good news is, there’s always room for dessert, right? I’m so excited to be part of the 2014 Christmas Cookie Party with a bunch of my blogging buddies this year! I’ve pulled out all the stops and am sharing a recipe for SMOOKIES today! If you haven’t already figured it out, these cookies {Read More}

The 101 Guide to DIY Snow

So, here in Wisconsin we get PLENTY of snow each winter. It usually comes way too early and lasts WAY too long. Is it pretty to look at? Of course. Would I mind if it only came around Christmas? Not really. However, I’ve been absolutely amazed at how many of my fans and readers have asked me to send some snow their way. Really? Are you sure? I suppose if I could just have some snow sent my way for {Read More}

Baby It’s Cold Outside Printable

I’ve been in Chicago all week for work and I’m finally coming home today. It makes me so very happy. It’s nice to get away sometimes, but by day two or three I’m missing the kids, I’m missing my husband, I’m missing home and I’m missing my “normal” routine (whatever normal really is in my life). 🙂 When I drove down from Wisconsin I was leaving snow. . .a whole lot of it. No snow in Chicago, but it’s bitterly {Read More}

Cocoa Confetti Cookies

The snow continues here in Wisconsin, and yes, it’s only the beginning of November. Don’t remind me. For those of you who don’t get a lot of snow and think it’s pretty, I’m happy to send as much as you’d like your way. I’ve officially traded in my flip flops for boots, my shorts for insulated pants and my lemonade for. . .cocoa. I don’t know about you, but in the winter months, I could drink hot chocolate pretty much {Read More}