Peeps Cake With Marshmallow Frosting

Let me start out today with two secrets. . .the first is, I’ve never made a layered cake. You know the mile high, beautiful cakes with frosting in the middle of each layer? Yep. I pin photos of them like crazy and I have talented blogging friends who create amazing edible masterpieces, but beautiful, layered cakes just aren’t my thing. You know why? Because I don’t have the patience {I also don’t have one of those cake stands with a dome} {Read More}

Cake Batter Truffle Bars

  So, I don’t know about you, but I find myself in Walmart several times a week. I go there because I can get everything I need in one trip. I know the layout like the back of my hand so it’s easy for me to run through the aisles and grab everything I need, quickly. So, last week, here’s what happened. . .I got stuck in the baking aisle. From egg-shaped marshmallows to spring Funfetti cake mix, I knew {Read More}

Cadbury Creme Egg Dip

A sweet and creamy marshmallow dip filled with bits of chocolate and swirled with white and yellow fondant filling from decadent Cadbury Creme Eggs. Such a fun Easter recipe! This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Easter is now only a month and a day away! WHAT?! I mean, that’s good news and all because I have the worst spring fever ever, but it seems like the days are just flying by. All I ask is that when we {Read More}

Nonpareil Eggs

This is officially my last Easter-themed post of 2014. I’ve had so much fun preparing for this blessed holiday. I can’t wait to celebrate it with family this weekend. Today also is the last post to my cute and simple egg decorating series. If you missed my Crystal Eggs or Jeweled Eggs be sure to check those projects out, too! For these eggs, you’ll need: Materials: Plastic eggs (I found mine at Walmart) Nonpareil sprinkles Clear Elmer’s glue Yep, that’s {Read More}

Jeweled Eggs

  The countdown to Easter has begun and it’s now less than a week away! Today I’m sharing the next super easy and super cute project I promised in my egg decorating series. I hope you all enjoyed my Crystal Eggs from last week! My life (and I’m sure yours, too) is BUSY! If I could continuously change the décor in my home to fit every season and holiday I would, but sometimes (most of the time) that’s just not possible – {Read More}

The Ultimate Easter Collection – A Roundup of Roundups!

Easter is just around the corner and if you’re as excited about it as I am you’re going to love The ULTIMATE Easter Collection I’ve rounded up! This “Roundup of Roundups” features some of my favorite bloggers and websites sharing THEIR favorite recipes, crafts, printables, etc. just in time for Easter. The entire collection includes: 500 Recipes and Treats! 500+ Egg Decorating Ideas! 100 Easter Basket Filler Ideas! 350+ Kids Activities, Crafts & Decor! 100+ Fonts and Printables!  It’s really a one-stop {Read More}

Sweet Bunny Bites

  I am completely and totally focused on Easter. It’s now less than two weeks away! I’ve been thinking about Mass on Easter Sunday, the wonderful meals we’ll be sitting down to eat and the laughter we’ll hear from the children as they run through the house searching for their Easter baskets. What a wonderful time of year. I CAN’T WAIT! Today I’m introducing you to a precious little treat that the kids are sure to enjoy. These little doughnut {Read More}

Crystal Eggs

Happy Friday! And welcome to my official countdown to Easter! I’ll be sharing a fun and easy egg decorating idea each week starting today through the week before Easter. Decorating eggs is one of my fondest memories as a child. Our decorating years ago really only consisted of dying hard-boiled eggs with food coloring. . . and we normally didn’t sit down to do that until the week before Easter. Today, thanks to the Internet and social media, we all {Read More}

Easter Egg Bath Bombs

This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.   My house is overflowing with plastic Easter eggs. I’ve been using them for quite a few projects lately and now I have more eggs than I really know what to do with. An Easter egg hunt this year for the kiddos is inevitable. Today, I’m using a pack of my larger plastic Easter eggs for a super fun project. Get ready because we’re making Easter Egg Bath Bombs! You know, those fun {Read More}

Krispy Confetti Eggs

“Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin’ down the bunny trail. . .” I’ve been singing this song in my head since Monday. My daughter has a little book that plays the song and we’ve been reading {singing} our way through the book each night. We have spring and Easter on our minds here at the house and no amount of snow is going to ruin this run of happiness. Today I’m featuring more springy, Easter fun! These Krispy Confetti Eggs are ooey, gooey and oh {Read More}