Printable Morning Routine Charts

Printable Morning Routine Charts – Free printable kids morning routine charts to help teach kids independence and provide guidance for their morning routine! Charts for boys and girls! Today we’re talking about getting up in the morning. If you’re visiting today, you’re probably here to snag these printable morning routine charts for your little kiddos. Before you do, hear me out for a second. As adults, you might agree that it’s not always easy to just pop out of bed in {Read More}

Printable Bedtime Routine Charts

Before Josh and I had kids, we would come home from work at the end of the day, fix something for dinner (or order out), chat about the day, watch a little TV or go on a walk and then head to bed to get a good night’s sleep. Did you catch the key phrase “before kids?” These days, our evenings are a bit more structured. They have to be. My kids thrive off structure and routine. Do yours, too? Today {Read More}

Printable Adult Coloring Pages

  This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. I’ve been waiting for a couple weeks now to share these Printable Adult Coloring Pages with you!! I’ve never shared anything like this on the blog before so I’m excited to see what you think of them. If you like them, I’m going to keep them coming! As an adult, have you ever colored before? I mean just really sat down. . . and colored? On your own? Without your kids? I {Read More}

Go Camping Free Printable

The weather here lately has been crazy. A couple weeks ago, I felt the sun. I sent Dane to school in shorts. We were grilling out and blowing bubbles in the yard. And then. . .this happened. . . I mean, seriously? We were up north at our lake cabin, opening it up for the season. We came back home that night because our sitter wasn’t feeling well, and woke up to this! How ironic is that? Getting your summer {Read More}

Lucky Day Mason Jar Gift

This past weekend we celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthday with a nice family gathering at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. The kids always have fun playing with their cousins, and as a family, it’s always nice to catch up outside of our busy weekly schedules. Not only was I getting my niece and nephew’s presents ready, but I was also planning a fun surprise for my sister and BIL. Both of their birthdays fall in March, and believe it {Read More}

Valentine Bubblegum Machines

    Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? This is going to sound horrible, but I don’t. After Christmas, I actually don’t “decorate” the house again until spring. Don’t get me wrong, I do look forward to Valentine’s Day. My husband and I usually try to plan a night out at a nice restaurant, the kids and I plan for their class parties and, once and awhile, if I’m organized, we’ll get cards and small gifts out to our immediate and extended {Read More}

Snowman Soup Treat Bags

Every year I try to come up with a sweet treat for my son’s classmates for Christmas. About a month ago I made up my mind that we would put together a treat bag filled with a cocoa packet, marshmallows and a little toy. That was a month ago. Last week when I was out shopping I ran across some cute snowman favor bags at Walmart, so I grabbed them. Then, while out on Pinterest I ran into a pin for {Read More}

Merry & Bright Christmas Label

It’s sure been hectic around here. We had sickness move through the family before and after Thanksgiving and so I’ve had to put my blogging on hold for a couple days to get everyone back to good health. Now that we’re feeling normal again (well, as normal as possible), life can continue as scheduled (fingers crossed). When I was Christmas shopping last year, I ran across a little Christmas “pail” like this one at one of the major department stores and I {Read More}

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Sign

  Happy, Happy Halloween! It’s foggy and rainy here today in Wisconsin but the weather man says that it should clear up a bit for the kiddos tonight. Thank goodness because trick-or-treating in soggy costumes isn’t much fun if you ask me!   My kids are pretty young yet, Dane (5), Cora (2), so we just go trick-or-treating within our neighborhood cul-de-sac, and so far, the kids have been happy and content with it. The costumes are ready to go, the {Read More}