Pistachio Pie Bars

Pistachio Pie Bars – Creamy, four-layer bars with a pie-like crust topped with cheesecake and pistachio deliciousness! Oh my gosh, friends. Am I excited to share these Pistachio Pie Bars with you today. These bars are a favorite from my childhood and they rank right up there with these little squares of deliciousness. This was a practice run for Friday. We’re invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party over at our friends’ house and I am assigned to bring dessert. For {Read More}

Microwave Lucky Charms Treats

Microwave Lucky Charms Treats – Ooey, gooey marshmallowy treats that will disappear as quickly as you make them! This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Hey friends! I know you’ve only been hearing from me about once a week lately, but it’s because I’ve been working on a pretty big project and I can’t wait to share it with you in the upcoming weeks! I’m SUPER excited about it and it was a goal I wanted to tackle right {Read More}

Easy Grasshopper Pie

This no-bake Easy Grasshopper Pie is creamy with hints of chocolate and mint. Great recipe for Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or any time of year, really! Alright friends, this is the last chocolate and mint dessert recipe I’m posting before all of the Easter fun begins! This EASY GRASSHOPPER PIE is a kid-friendly recipe (although you could add some Creme de Menthe for an adult version ;)), and if you’re not a huge mint fan, not to worry. The mint {Read More}

Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies

Chocolate + Mint = You either love it or hate it. Since you’ve come to visit I’m guessing that you love it. I’m a bit picky when it comes to this flavor combo. If the mint flavoring is too strong. . .I hate it. If it just has a subtle mint flavoring surrounded by rich chocolate. . .I love it. These Chocolate Fudge Mint Cookies are just that – soft, chewy chocolate fudge cookies with bits of melted Andes Mints sprinkled throughout. {Read More}

Chocolate Fudge Mint Oreo Bars

The weather is FINALLY starting to warm up around here and I couldn’t be more ecstatic! When the spring starts to reveal itself I get this urge to organize, clean and freshen up anything and everything. . .including my pantry. I had a ton of Oreos. Winter Oreos, Spring Oreos, Heads & Tails Oreos and Mint Oreos. Some of the packages were open, others were not. I needed a home for all of these bits and pieces and these Chocolate Fudge {Read More}

Grasshopper Ice Cream Drink

March is sure sneaking up on us quickly, isn’t it? You know what? That’s okay with me. I’m pretty ready to say goodbye to February. It’s been absolutely frigid this month and I’m completely fine with moving towards warmer weather. . .towards spring. You, too? St. Patrick’s Day is less than a month away now. Our family doesn’t spend a ton of time getting ready for this holiday but it’s certainly a holiday I never forget. My sister’s birthday is {Read More}

Balsamic Asparagus

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Here in the blogosphere I think I’ve officially been celebrating St. Patty’s Day for about a month now. And I’ve been having a blast! I feel like the luckiest gal alive sometimes because I get to celebrate EVERYTHING weeks ahead of time and be totally prepared for when the big day arrives. The first item of business this morning was checking our leprechaun trap. We were certain we would catch one of those sneaky little green guys this year. No luck. {Read More}

Lucky Day Mason Jar Gift

This past weekend we celebrated my niece and nephew’s birthday with a nice family gathering at my sister and brother-in-law’s house. The kids always have fun playing with their cousins, and as a family, it’s always nice to catch up outside of our busy weekly schedules. Not only was I getting my niece and nephew’s presents ready, but I was also planning a fun surprise for my sister and BIL. Both of their birthdays fall in March, and believe it {Read More}

Thin Mint Brownie Parfait

I scream, you scream, we all scream for. . .Girl Scout cookies? Of course we do. Every year I buy more boxes than any human really needs to. How can you go wrong with cookies that taste so great and freeze so well? I’m trying to clean out the freezer. Why? I have more Girl Scout cookies coming! This week we plowed through three boxes. I reserved one box of Thin Mints to make these yummy parfait treats. Brownies, marshmallows, cookies {Read More}

Shamrock “Luck” Printable

I have spring fever. It’s so silly because there’s a ton of snow on the ground yet. We’ve gotten more snow than we’ve had in many years. I’ve had enough. Mother Nature doesn’t seem to care. So, I’ve decided the only sensible thing to do is bring spring inside the house.   St. Patrick’s Day is always the first hopeful sign of spring for me. Maybe it’s the color green? Last year was the first year my son really got {Read More}