M&M Granola Bites

This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Valentine’s Day is this weekend! Are you ready?! I wanted to post these M&M Granola Bites early enough in the week so you had time to plan if you decide you’d like to make them for your family! My family is always looking for little snacks to eat (especially the kids). We store these bites in the fridge and pop one or two right in our mouth when we’re needing a little {Read More}

Strawberry Jello Truffles

I remember a couple years ago when I mentioned to my husband that I had never received a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day before. The result? I received so many chocolates that year,  I had to take most of them to the office to share with my coworkers. He went a bit overboard. Believe me, I wasn’t complaining, but it did make me giggle. I did let him know that just a small box would have been fine, but {Read More}

Oven-Baked S’mores

Last weekend we packed the family into the car and headed “up north” to our lake cabin. It’s seasonal, which means we “winterize” it around October – turn the water off, shut off the heat and remove all liquids that could freeze. And we close it up. So sad. We check on it once or twice during the winter and spend the rest of the time watching the calendar, anxiously awaiting the first signs of spring. Come spring, we start opening it {Read More}

Love Potion Punch

I get really excited about Valentine’s Day. It’s just awesome to be able to celebrate this wonderful thing we call “LOVE,” and do something special for the people who mean the most in our lives. I think it’s so sweet when the kids bring valentines home from school. They have a blast going through all of the cards they received in their homemade boxes, looking for fun treats and toys. . .sorting out the pencils. The pencils. Does this happen to {Read More}

Easy Lollipops

*This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Gah! I have spring fever already. Is that bad? The good news is I’m going to be basking in the sun in the Dominican Republic in just a couple weeks. The bad news is I’ll have to return home to snow and frigid temps eight days later – I think that’s going to make my spring fever even a bit worse. Every year there comes a time, usually close to the end {Read More}

Kool-Aid Valentine with Free Printable Label

  What kid doesn’t like Kool-Aid? I remember when I was little how excited I would get when I’d see a full pitcher of Kool-Aid in the fridge after a long summer day of playing outside. Although it’s February, and it’s -12 degrees Fahrenheit outside here this morning, there’s nothing wrong with giving Kool-Aid for a Valentines exchange!   It was tough for me to get through the photo shoot for this post without cracking open the bottle of water and pouring {Read More}

Valentine Bubblegum Machines

    Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? This is going to sound horrible, but I don’t. After Christmas, I actually don’t “decorate” the house again until spring. Don’t get me wrong, I do look forward to Valentine’s Day. My husband and I usually try to plan a night out at a nice restaurant, the kids and I plan for their class parties and, once and awhile, if I’m organized, we’ll get cards and small gifts out to our immediate and extended {Read More}