DIY Accessory Storage

 I’m so hopeful for spring. Along with spring comes an urge to clean the house, get organized and start preparing for our neighborhood garage sale. My husband and I share a closet in our master bedroom and it’s by no means a “walk-in” closet. You can walk in it, but that’s as far as you’re going to get.

I rotate clothes in and out of the closet depending on the season to keep things manageable. I wouldn’t say I even have a ton of clothes, but because my husband and I share, I just do what I need to do to stay sane. So, that’s just the clothes. The belts, shoes, boots, sandals and jewelry need a place, too.

That’s when I resort to Pinterest. I ran across some great DIY accessory storage ideas, and when I shared them on my boards, people re-pinned and re-pinned. It seems I’m not alone when it comes to my dilemma with clothes and accessory storage. I thought I would round up some of my favorite DIY accessory storage pins and share them with you, as you, too, start to get organized for spring. Let me know which idea might work for you!

Boot Organization

Belt Organization

Source: Unknown

Jewelry Organization

Tank Top Organization

Source: Unknown

Scarf Storage

High Heel Storage

Flip Flop Storage

Hair Accessory Storage

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  1. Super handy ideas…love the tank top DIY.

  2. Tash MiChelle says:

    Nice Ideas! Thanks For Sharing 👍!

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