DIY Sock Snowman

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Do you love cute snowmen as much as I do during the Christmas season? I think they are the cutest and it’s so much fun to create them whether you’re doing it with snow, playdoh, candy or even. . .a sock. Yep, that’s right. Frosty, look out. There’s a new snowman in town. Even better, he will never melt. Nope, never. Whether you’re looking for a cute simple craft to do with your kids or just a quick project for yourself, try this one out. He’s sure to bring lots of awwws from those you share him with.
Here’s what you’ll need to make this chilly fellow:
  • Plastic bottle for the body (I used a ReaLemon container because it had a natural curve at the top that worked out perfectly for the snowman’s face)
  • Colorful yarn
  • Various sizes of pom poms
  • Toddler/youth size sock
  • Colorful buttons
  • Black beads
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue gun or craft glue
The first thing you’ll want to do is remove any wrapping from your bottle. If I would have left it on you would be able to see the writing through the sock. And then you’d have a tattoo’d snowman. Not necessarily the look I was going for so I removed the wrapper.
Place your sock over the bottle and just fold down the top of the sock over the cap of the bottle.
Now you can begin creating the snowman’s face. Take two googly eyes, a tiny pom for the nose and a few of your beads and glue them on to design your snowman’s face.
Now take two or three of the buttons and glue them to his body. And remember, this doesn’t have to be precise. If he’s a little off, that adds to his cuteness!
Now take your glue and add some to the cap of the bottle.
Take a larger pom (I picked a huge one cause I thought it would be funny) and glue it to the top of the bottle.
Then, take your yarn and cut off a few pieces to make a colorful scarf.
Tie the strands of yarn around the snowman’s neck.
Trim up the yarn with a scissors to make sure your snowman doesn’t trip. Ahhh. . .he has no legs, that’s right. Well, I take that back. Frosty did have legs, didn’t he? Regardless, if he decides to go out and about, make the guy comfortable. Make sure you pull his cap down to just above his eyes, as well.
And there you have it. A chilly fellow to brighten up your home this season. Isn’t it just fun to decorate your home with things that make you smile? If you decide to make this little guy you will certainly have accomplished just that.


  1. Cute! I might do something like this if we have any white socks laying around 🙂

  2. Monica, I had just bought my son a package of new socks and I “borrowed” one. If I would have used one of his “lived in” socks, my snowman would have looked pretty sad and stained! Thanks for stopping by!

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