DIY Spider Lantern


Ok, everyone, we’re in the final stretch to All Hallow’s Eve. It’s pumpkin carving, candy buying, last-minute costume touch-up time! What’s that? You’re still scrambling about trying to figure out some last minute decoration ideas?

Me too. I really needed something to brighten up the porch on Halloween night. Something to give my front entry a bit of an eerie look without frightening any of the real little kiddos to pieces. I needed something fast and simple. I’m absolutely done buying anything more for Halloween so it needed to be something I had all the materials for already.

I found this pin on Pinterest and I thought it was cute. I wish I could credit it to someone but it doesn’t link back to any specific URL. When I pinned it I knew it was something I could re-create quickly. What a fun and simple project for your kids to help with too. I knew these lanterns would look great outside of the house on Halloween night.

I had about a dozen leftover mason jars from canning cukes (you call them that too, right?) this past August, so the jars were easy to come by. I wanted to make the inside of the jar look a little more realistic, so instead of cotton balls, I used some spider web material I already had in my Halloween bin. Instead of a glow stick, I used a battery-operated tea light, and I found some leftover spiders from another craft I had already made this year. Just three simple steps and BAM (or should I say BOO), I had my decorations ready. Here’s how I put it all together!

First I placed the tea light in the jar.

Glass jar with light
 Then I stretched out some of the web material and put in my spider. You could definitely use cotton balls for this step. Instead of just dropping the balls into the jar, though, spread them out to make them look more “web-like.” Not sure how well a cotton ball really spreads, but if you try it, let me know.
Spider in Jar
 This is what they look like in the dark. Now how cool is that? This is such an easy project to do with kids and they’ll love it. Use extra caution with the glass jars. I wouldn’t let the kids carry them around the house. If the kids drop them and they break, your spider will get out, plus you’ll have glass all over. Neither scenario is a good one. Just be safe and enjoy. I can’t wait to put these lanterns out for trick-or-treating!

Spider lanterns


  1. I have this fascination with spiders, and love using them on my projects… I think that is what drew me to your project, I love the fact that you have cotton balls inside and how amazing they look at night…
    I linked over from Make the Scene Monday where I am participating with my
    Cute Halloween project,
    If the Broom Fits Free Printable,
    Every Leaf Free Printable
    I would love it if you’d stop by.
    Hugs, antonella 🙂

  2. Thanks for stopping by Antonella! I will definitely check out your blog. Kind of sad the Halloween projects will now be behind us. Take care!

  3. I think it would be cool to do this with glow sticks too!

  4. Norma Palacio says:

    ive seen plastic jars for sell at Walmart especially for crafts. Price not too bad. $6 or $7 for A pack not sure if 8 or a dozen.

  5. Is there a trick to not having to remake it every time you have to turn the light on or off?


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