Thanksgiving Printable – Give Thanks

FREE Thanksgiving Printable available in three different colors!

Just when I finally think I got my act together for Halloween, I look at my calendar and see that Thanksgiving is already knocking on the door! Some of my friends have been chatting about Black Friday shopping, others are ALREADY purchasing Christmas gifts and my friend I spoke with the other day, has her Thanksgiving menu planned!

Whoa! Am I really that behind? I don’t usually start thinking about Thanksgiving until October is behind me. Our family celebrates all of our birthdays in September and October. We’re going to have eaten more cake than we’ll probably see the rest of the year. But who am I to complain about cake? I love cake, and I’ll admit, I love the upcoming holidays, too.

Today, I’m not only sharing a FREE printable, but a reminder of what’s really important and what should be top of mind right now. . .and well, all year round. My family has been so blessed, and I know it’s not just coincidence. There are moments when I’m driving in the car on the way to work or taking a walk by myself when I begin to think about all of the things I have to be thankful for. It’s those moments that make you realize that some of the little things in life, like a cold or an exhausting day you catch yourself whining about, really are just blips in time that quickly pass.

Our family is healthy, we have a warm home, food to eat and are surrounded by loving family and friends. Those are the things I am thankful for. This is the season to shout it from the rooftops – and if you’re not ready for that yet – you can at least start with this printable and display it proudly in your home. I’ve even provided three different color schemes to match to your decor.

FREE Thanksgiving Printable available in three different colors!

Go ahead and download the printable of your choice. I usually just open mine in Windows Photo Viewer, go to the print screen and then choose the size of photo I want. I like to trim my printables down a bit, put them into and 8×10″ frame and place them on my fireplace mantel. They would look great on an entry table or even a shelf on the wall, too.

Wherever you plan to put yours, display it where family and friends can see it! It’s such a great reminder of what this upcoming season is really all about!

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  1. I love this! It’s going up on the mantle tomorrow! And yes, I hear you on the Holidays creeping up quickly. How is it already November??


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