Organizing & Storing Paint

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While I was doing laundry one day, I opened up the cabinet underneath our sink and noticed all of the paint cans we had left over from when we built the house. A little from this room and a little from that room. You don’t want to throw it out because there are always little scuffs and nail holes you need to cover up over the years.

Have you ever tried to pry a paint can open after it’s been sitting there for several years? Not fun. If you try and use a screwdriver to help open them up, there’s a good chance you’ll warp and bend the cover. Then what will you have? Dried out paint.

I wanted to be able to open the paint cans on my own with no male assistance and I needed a better way to store and organize it all. After a quick discussion with my hubby, he came up with a great idea.

We went to a local home improvement store and found these awesome paint containers. The screw lids are much easier to open when you need the paint and so much easier to close back up when you’re done.

The next step was to figure out how we wanted to go about labeling the new cans. What Josh came up with was brilliant and simple. Why did I not think of this? He told me to run and get my camera.
At that point I knew what he was up to. Maybe, millions of people are doing this already and I’m just a little slow. Regardless, for those of you, like me, who may not have thought of this either, I hope you find the information helpful.
All we did was take a picture of the original label. Then, I printed the images of the labels out on sticker paper and placed them onto the new containers. I used a sharpie to write the name of the room on the container, too.
We did this with all of our paint containers (and there were a lot of them). Our paint is so much easier to store and so much more organized than it was before. If only we didn’t have so much of it!


  1. Deb McKenzie says:

    I need to know where I can purchase some of the screw top paint containers. Couldn’t find any at Lowe’s.

    • Deb, I got mine at a local home improvement store in the area called Menards. Home Depot maybe? Also wonder if Walmart may have some.

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