Sherbet Party Punch

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Punch. Did you drink a lot of punch as a child? Maybe at church potlucks, picnics, etc.? Surprisingly, I didn’t. As a child, for a special treat, I remember drinking Kool-Aid and orange or lemon-lime soda while at family gatherings. Once and awhile I scored a Kitty Cocktail AKA Shirley Temple if it was something really special. The only time I ever had punch was if I went along with my mom to a baby shower. Now, all of those other things I mentioned were just as yummy and satisfying as a child, but now as an adult, I can appreciate the value that punch offers when you’re entertaining for a larger group.

When I started dating my husband and began attending get-togethers with his family, I was introduced to punch. Every birthday, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and any other celebration you could possibly think of that I attended (to this day), this punch was served.

It is so easy and so good. The first time I made it myself I was hosting a home party. Everyone asked me for the recipe that day. It was then and there I wondered why it took me so long to catch on to this punch thing. It is great if you need to serve a crowd, and bottom line. . . it’s just special. More special than soda in a can or water in a bottle. Throw anything into a pretty punch bowl and it magically transforms it into something more special (well, maybe not anything). But I promise, if you make this punch, your family is going to think it’s something pretty special, too.

There are four reasons why this will always be my “go-to” punch:

  1. It’s a family recipe and favorite.
  2. It tastes great.
  3. It uses only two ingredients.
  4. It stays cold without the addition of ice.

What are the two ingredients you ask? Just lemon-lime soda and raspberry sherbet. Or use any sherbet you like. Lately we’ve even thrown in some vanilla ice cream to make it even more creamy. Normally, I’ll use 1/2 gallon sherbet to two 2-liters of lemon-lime soda. It tends to work best if your sherbet is softened a bit – makes the process go a little quicker when scooping the sherbet into the punch bowl. This punch is the best when you get small chunks of sherbet in your glass. You definitely don’t want to stir until everything is dissolved. Just let it melt on its own and go ahead and enjoy the creamy dollops of sherbet in your drink. How divine.

Did I mention you can also just make a glass of this yummy goodness if you don’t need a whole punch bowl? Many of our family members do this. I’m telling you, this is just so good we crave it even when we’re not partying. Make some for your family today. It is the most simple recipe to whip up and also one that isn’t a pain to keep refilling if your guests continuously drink the bowl dry. . .which they definitely will!


  1. This looks yummy! My co worker made something similar for my baby shower!

  2. I’m sure all of your guests enjoyed the punch at your shower, Tiffany. I love the fact that any sherbet punch like this just naturally keeps itself cold and you don’t need to worry about diluting it. I’m delighted you stopped by!

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