Slinky Fish Craft

Slinky Fish Craft – All you need is construction paper, scissors and glue stick for this fun and colorful kids craft! The slinky “cut” makes the fish flexible, almost like it’s swimming! Over spring break we had lots of projects going on here at the house to keep the kiddos busy. We always seem to have some sort of project or experiment in the works. We’ve made squeeze balls, glitter water bracelets, magnetic slime and fairy bottles to name a few. {Read More}

Kids Squeeze Ball

Kids squeeze ball, stress ball, squishy ball. . .whatever you’d like to call it. This toy keeps kids busy for hours and they are so simple to make! Here’s how to make a kids squeeze ball! This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. What’s a Kids Squeeze Ball you ask? Apparently it’s the coolest thing ever, according to my 7 year-old, Dane. You may have also heard them called exercise balls, squishy toys, relaxable balls, stress balls, isoflex balls, stress relievers. . {Read More}

Glowing Fairy Bottle

This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. What a strange autumn we’re having. The leaves turned colors really late this year, October has had temps in the mid-70’s. . . yet this weekend, there’s a possibility we’re going to see some snow. With weather as crazy as this, I don’t know how to dress the kids or myself! So, this past weekend we decided to ditch the clothes for our Halloween costumes and ran around the house like a {Read More}

Alcohol Ink Votives

This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure.  I’ve been wanting to try out alcohol inks since seeing some projects from Tim Holtz. I knew they would look super pretty on glass so I grabbed a couple glass candle holders and containers I had around the house to try my hand at these Alcohol Ink Votives. I was ecstatic to how they turned out and they look absolutely gorgeous in the sunshine. I’ll show you some outdoor and indoor pics {Read More}

Spooky Spider Craft

  So, October is here and I’m starting to accept that fall is upon us. I have to admit that I’m kind of excited about creating some fun Halloween decorations this year. This spider is a simple project to do with your kids that they’ll absolutely love. We started the project after school and work today and finished it before bedtime.   Here’s what you’ll need:   Styrofoam balls of varying sizes (You’ll need one larger ball and one smaller ball for each spider) Black spray {Read More}