Free Printable Picnic Invite

Free Printable Picnic Invite – Surprise your kids with a picnic at a favorite park or right in your backyard. A perfect idea for families looking to spend more quality time together! Spring is here, the birds are singing and the weather is finally shaping up a bit. In the Midwest you never know what you’re going to get in the spring. I never pack away the kids’  hats and snow pants until at least mid-May. Sad, I know. The {Read More}

10 Tips to Prepare for Your Family’s First Trip to Disney World

This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Our family is planning something big and I wanted to let you in on it today. We are planning our very first trip to Disney World! This is something we’ve been talking about for years and it’s finally happening! If you’re in the same boat, you’re in the right place. Join me as I share 10 Tips to Prepare for Your Family’s First Trip to Disney World! I think the biggest challenge for {Read More}

Printable Medicine Tracker – Preparing for Cold & Flu Season

It’s the beginning of cold and flu season. . .already. My 6-year-old was sick with a cold and a fever just two weeks ago during the last week of summer camp. The sickness seemed to then move through the house taking on a bit of a different form for each of us. Blah. If there’s one thing I can’t stand more than anything else, it’s germs!! I was happy that we were able to get over our family illness before {Read More}

Catch More Fish Printable & Fishing Adventures at the Lake

We’ve been spending a lot of time “up north” at our lake cabin this summer – hosting friends and family, and making the most of our weekends. The weather lately has been absolutely beautiful, so we’ve traded in the tablets and cell phones for “lake life.” That means lots of jumping off the dock and playing in the water during the day, and when dusk sets in. . . well,  that’s when the fishing poles come out. It’s not always pretty, let me tell you. {Read More}

50 Ideas for Family Night + A Free Printable

Do you feel like you’re constantly running? To work, to school, to camp, to practice, to get groceries, to parties, etc.? The list goes on and on. There just doesn’t seem to be much downtime. I always think that “next month” is going to be better, but the calendar fills up quickly and I find myself caught up in what I like to call organized chaos. I stick to a schedule, but the schedule doesn’t stop. While children sometimes seem {Read More}

Family Pasta Bar #Saucesome

Our weekdays and evenings are busy. Right now I’ve been getting ready for a big conference my company is putting on in Chicago at the end of the month, my husband just got home from a work trip to San Francisco and the kids have spring fever and, well, have been all over the place. We always think that life will start to slow down. . . and then it never does. Do you feel like this sometimes, too? Of course {Read More}

5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Kids

I’ve always been a bit of a helicopter mom. I admit it. I like to know what my kids are doing at all times, I hover over them when they tell me they have a tummy ache, I feel guilty sometimes just running to the store without them on a Saturday morning and I worry about what kind of bad behavior they might be picking up from other kids at school and daycare during the day when I’m at work. {Read More}