Game Day Fun: Football Pools and Ice Cream Cake

Celebrate the big game with a football pool and ice cream cake. Free printable football pool template to use at your party! Our past few weekends have been filled with lots of football fun and we can’t wait for the big game yet to come! In our neighborhood, our house is usually the gathering place to watch the game. I love having family and friends over to cheer on our home team and enjoy each other’s company. It’s become tradition {Read More}

Cookies and Cream Oreo Dessert

Cookies and Cream Oreo Dessert – For all the Oreo cookie lovers out there, this easy, no-bake dessert is sure to make it onto the family favorite dessert list! This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. Our family loves Oreos {drops mic and walks away}. Period. That’s really it. I’m not really sure what else to say. I’ve made Oreo bars, cake, pops, cupcakes, pie and even milkshakes! I occasionally call treats, cookies and cream, just to sneak in. . . one. more. Oreo. recipe. So, today {Read More}

Polar Bear Cookie Treats

This post has been sponsored by Airheads. All thoughts and opinions are my own.   I may be getting a bit ahead of myself with these Polar Bear Cookie Treats, but let me explain. It’s been cold here. . .and then warm (warm = not freezing at night) and then cold (cold enough to kill the plants on my deck) and then warm (warm enough that the kids don’t need to wear their winter coats to school) and then cold (cold {Read More}

20 Decadent Chocolate Desserts

Today is a bittersweet day as we celebrate National Chocolate Day and remember Joan Hayes, founder and owner of the blog Chocolate, Chocolate and More. Joan passed away in her sleep last Thursday morning and it was a shock to the entire blogging community. I never had the pleasure of meeting Joan in person, but because the blogging community is so intimate and supportive, we have the opportunity to be inspired by each others’ work each and every day. Joan {Read More}

Oreo Cake Batter Pops

Dearest blog, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday last month. If it helps at all, I’m not super excited about celebrating my own this year, either. However, I am much older than you, so it’s probably normal for me to feel that way. You, my friend, are two. I promise to never neglect you again, especially in your most tender years. You’ve been so good to me; you’re growing faster than I ever thought you would. And that calls {Read More}

White Chocolate Oreo Pudding Poke Cake

Life lately has been busy, busy, busy. Josh has been traveling a ton for work. Each week for the past three weeks, he’s been flying to California. I’m in Chicago this week, myself, for work and things have just been hectic. So as I was running around packing, making lists, paying bills and doing the laundry, I managed to throw together this delicious White Chocolate Oreo Pudding Poke Cake. This French vanilla Oreo pudding-infused cake has a “hidden” Oreo crust {Read More}

Wide-Eyed Turkey Cupcakes

When it comes to the holidays, I’m all about fun treats. Treats that make people laugh and treats that make children’s eyes brighten. These Wide-Eyed Turkey Cupcakes are sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving party or meal this year. When I was deciding how to put these together, I knew I had to go with big eyes. To me, these cupcakes represent in a humorous way what a turkey may very well be thinking as Thanksgiving approaches. Kind {Read More}

Peanut Butter Oreo & Cream Cupcakes

Happy Monday friends! We had a busy weekend, getting family pictures taken and starting to plan the kids’ birthday party. It’s always a time I look forward to each year because I love to bring friends and family together to celebrate their special days. I’m working on the menu for the party right now and cupcakes are always included. That’s what made me think of these! I shared these cupcakes over at This Silly Girl’s Life about a month ago, and today I’m bringing them {Read More}

Oreo Sundae Pie

Did you know that I don’t like pie? Let me clarify. I don’t like fruit pie. The chunks of fruit just aren’t my thing. Gag. I’d rather just eat the crust with some ice cream and call it good. Crust a la mode. If given the choice between a fruit pie and a Snickers bar on the bottom of a shoe that was lightly stepped on – I’d take the Snickers. Now, I don’t feel that way about ALL pie. Throw {Read More}

Bloomin’ Dirt Cups

Happy Earth Day! I’m happy to say that I’ve finally come out of hibernation for the winter. Water around these parts is flowing again, birds are chirping and my sump pump has been kicking in. Those, my friends, are truly the signs of spring here in Wisconsin. To celebrate the earth and our beautiful surroundings, I’m sharing a recipe for dirt cups today.     They aren’t just the traditional dirt cups, however. These are bloomin’ dirt cups! Because who {Read More}