Printable Morning Routine Charts

Printable Morning Routine Charts – Free printable kids morning routine charts to help teach kids independence and provide guidance for their morning routine! Charts for boys and girls! Today we’re talking about getting up in the morning. If you’re visiting today, you’re probably here to snag these printable morning routine charts for your little kiddos. Before you do, hear me out for a second. As adults, you might agree that it’s not always easy to just pop out of bed in {Read More}

5 Reasons Why You Should Leave Your Kids

I’ve always been a bit of a helicopter mom. I admit it. I like to know what my kids are doing at all times, I hover over them when they tell me they have a tummy ache, I feel guilty sometimes just running to the store without them on a Saturday morning and I worry about what kind of bad behavior they might be picking up from other kids at school and daycare during the day when I’m at work. {Read More}