Pumpkin Pup Pops

Pumpkin Pup Pops – These fun dog treats are made with only four ingredients! Your pup will love the peanut butter and pumpkin combination! This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. I have such a fun dog treat recipe to share with you today! Remember those Banana Pup Pops that got everyone excited? Well, they’re back, but in pumpkin form! With Thanksgiving just a few days away, it only makes sense that we take some time to make some {Read More}

Banana Pup Pops

Banana Pup Pops – A creamy, homemade popsicle that your dog will love! Delicious and good for them too! This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. What to do, what to do with. . .VERY ripe bananas. Most people would make banana bread. Which I have also done in the past, but this time I opted for creating some delicious treats for our beautiful golden retriever, Belle. Banana Pup Pops! Also known as pupsicles or popsicles for dogs. No, no that’s {Read More}

Patriotic Pops

Memorial weekend is really sneaking up on me fast! Does it feel that way to you? We’re planning to take the family up to our lake cabin next weekend. Since I’ve been sending the kids to school with their hats in the morning this week, I doubt there will be any swimming in the lake. Bummer. I’ve been trying to plan some fun out-of-the-water activities to keep them entertained while we’re up north. That’s what we call it here in Wisconsin. {Read More}