Breadcrumb Spaghetti

Breadcrumb Spaghetti – Breadcrumbs, fresh herbs and a splash of lemon make this pasta dish something the entire family will enjoy! When it comes to food, my kids are picky. Do you have picky kids or grandkids, too? One day they’ll shovel down an entire plate of something you’ve never seen them eat before. You rejoice. You make the same thing again and wait for the cheering and applause to begin. . .but there’s nothing. . .there’s silence. . .and {Read More}

Family Pasta Bar #Saucesome

Our weekdays and evenings are busy. Right now I’ve been getting ready for a big conference my company is putting on in Chicago at the end of the month, my husband just got home from a work trip to San Francisco and the kids have spring fever and, well, have been all over the place. We always think that life will start to slow down. . . and then it never does. Do you feel like this sometimes, too? Of course {Read More}

Taco Spaghetti

Remember when you were little and counted down the days until your birthday – looking forward to the cake and the gifts – your friends at school showing you a little extra attention because you brought a treat for everyone that day? Yep, I remember those days. How is it that the magic of birthdays kind of gets lost oh. . .at about age 30? LOL I shouldn’t be so down and out! Today is my birthday and life IS {Read More}