Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs

Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs – Watch the rainbow appear when these bath bombs hit the water and start to fizz! They smell great, they’re fun to make and they’re soothing to the skin! This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. I’m really trying to focus on some colorful and happy projects to get through the cold, dull and dreary winter season. Today I’m sharing some Rainbow Sprinkle Bath Bombs that are, what I like to call, “Valentine’s Day-inspired.” Heck, they’re {Read More}

Oreo Cake Batter Pops

Dearest blog, I’m so sorry I missed your birthday last month. If it helps at all, I’m not super excited about celebrating my own this year, either. However, I am much older than you, so it’s probably normal for me to feel that way. You, my friend, are two. I promise to never neglect you again, especially in your most tender years. You’ve been so good to me; you’re growing faster than I ever thought you would. And that calls {Read More}

Candy-Dipped Shortbread Cookies

I’ve been cookie crazy this month. In fact, in a way, I feel like I haven’t baked ANYTHING but cookies. Cookies, cookies, cookies. I bet I’m not alone. Many of you have probably been doing some heavy baking yourselves, getting ready for next week. How has Christmas come upon us so fast? I feel like it was just yesterday that we were walking around the neighborhood trick-or-treating. Sigh. And just between you and me, you’ll never believe what I saw {Read More}

Cocoa Confetti Cookies

The snow continues here in Wisconsin, and yes, it’s only the beginning of November. Don’t remind me. For those of you who don’t get a lot of snow and think it’s pretty, I’m happy to send as much as you’d like your way. I’ve officially traded in my flip flops for boots, my shorts for insulated pants and my lemonade for. . .cocoa. I don’t know about you, but in the winter months, I could drink hot chocolate pretty much {Read More}

Nonpareil Eggs

This is officially my last Easter-themed post of 2014. I’ve had so much fun preparing for this blessed holiday. I can’t wait to celebrate it with family this weekend. Today also is the last post to my cute and simple egg decorating series. If you missed my Crystal Eggs or Jeweled Eggs be sure to check those projects out, too! For these eggs, you’ll need: Materials: Plastic eggs (I found mine at Walmart) Nonpareil sprinkles Clear Elmer’s glue Yep, that’s {Read More}