Turkey Whirly Pops

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November is definitely the month to have fun with turkeys! Honestly, I can’t say that I ever really think about turkeys any other time of year. Should I be thinking of turkeys more often than that?

Well, the point is, there are so many fun turkey crafts to do with kids in preparation for Thanksgiving and when I dreamed this project up I thought of so many fun things to do with them. They would be a great treat for your kids to take to school, they would be so much fun as part of your Thanksgiving table place settings, and for anyone that might attempt a fun holiday centerpiece with these guys, I think it would turn out absolutely adorable!

These fun whirly pops are SUPER simple to make and your kids could probably make them for you!

Here’s what you’ll need to make one pop:



Start by cutting out a black circle for the face, two smaller white circles for the eyes and a curvy shape out of the red paper for the wattle. Ha! The wattle. Does anyone else find that a really funny word?
I traced the cap of my kids’ vitamins container to make the face and I just cut out the circles for the eyes, freehand.
Then take your sheet of yellow construction paper and create a vertical fold in the sheet of paper. Turn the piece of paper horizontally and cut a triangle out of the end that you put the fold in.
Now you’re going to glue all of the pieces to the larger black circle. Grab your glue dots! I LOVE these little things and they’re much less messy than liquid glue. They’re great when you’re working with small parts and pieces.
Here’s what your turkey’s face should look like at this point. So cute, right?
Next, take your whirly pop and glue the turkey face towards the bottom of the pop.
Take your piece of yellow construction paper again and cut out two feet for the turkey. I just did this freehand too. These projects don’t need to be perfect, folks. That’s what makes them cute and fun. There’s a place and time for stencils and rulers, but preciseness is not always necessary when creating cuteness.
Here’s what your turkey pop will look like when you’re done. The whirly pop actually acts as the feathers of the bird. I can’t get over these cute little treats. One of the other great aspects of these pops is that you can create them ahead of time, unlike baked goods you often need to prepare the day of. Tell me, who has time for that when you have a million other things to prepare for the meal?
Don’t forget to make friends for your turkey. These guys are so quick to make. I bet you could probably hammer out a dozen of these pops in an hour – or less if you have little helpers. Remember that Thanksgiving doesn’t just have incorporate neutral tones of orange, yellow and red. Bring some color into your family’s celebration of Thanksgiving this year and make these cute turkey whirly pops for your loved ones!
Disclaimer: This turkey pop is not a substitute for the main Thanksgiving meal dessert. Pie, cake or other scrumptious baked goods are mandatory. Send these lollipops home with your guests as a fun token of thanks. They’ll expect something just as cute next year, however, so be prepared.

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