Air Fryer Soft Pretzels

soft pretzels in front of cheese dip

Warm, and salty soft pretzels made right in the air fryer! So amazing when dunked in your favorite cheese sauce!



  1. Whisk warm water and yeast together until yeast is dissolved. A few chunks may remain.
  2. Add salt and sugar and whisk again.
  3. Add flour one cup at a time. Stir with a wooden spoon until the dough is no longer sticky.
  4. Poke the dough with your finger. if it bounces back, it is ready to be kneaded.
  5. Knead the dough for about 3 minutes on a floured surface.
  6. Cut the dough into 8 equal parts.
  7. Roll each piece into a rope (about 20 inches long) with equal diameter throughout.
  8. To shape the pretzel, hold one end of the rope in each hand and form a U-shape.
  9. Cross the ends over each other twice.
  10. Lift the ends across to the bottom of the U-shape and press to seal. Repeat with remaining 7 pieces.
  11. Brush each pretzel with egg wash and sprinkle with coarse sea salt.
  12. Place pretzels in a greased air fryer two at a time.
  13. Air fry at 330ยบ Fahrenheit for 6-8 minutes or until they are lightly browned.
  14. Serve with your favorite cheese sauce or dip.