Ninja Foodi Lobster Tails

up close shot of lobster tails on plate

Succulent lobster tails pressure cooked, brushed with garlic butter and air crisped to perfection. Have plenty of melted butter ready for a delicious and romantic meal!



  1. With a sharp, clean kitchen shears, cut the shell of the lobster tail right down the middle.
  2. With both hands, pry the shell apart, loosening the meat of the lobster from the bottom, sides and top of the shell (keeping the end of the tail in tact).
  3. Once the meat is loosened, carefully pull the meat through the top of the shell and place it on top of the opened shell.
  4. Season lobster meat with salt and pepper.
  5. Add water and one tablespoon of butter to cooking pot.
  6. Place Foodi rack in lower position in the pot and position lobster tails on rack.
  7. Put pressure cooking lid on Foodi and make sure pressure release valve is in the SEAL position.
  8. Select HIGH PRESSURE for 2 minutes. QUICK RELEASE.
  9. Combine garlic powder and melted butter.
  10. Brush tails with garlic butter mixture.
  11. Sprinkle tails with paprika.
  12. AIR CRISP at 375º Fahrenheit for two minutes, brushing tails again with garlic butter halfway through cook time.
  13. Remove tails from Foodi and enjoy with melted butter.