Swirled Raspberry Cheesecake

A fluffy Oreo-crust cheesecake with decadent raspberry swirls.



  1. In a medium bowl, mix crushed cookies and butter.
  2. Press into the bottom of 8-inch baking dish; refrigerate.
  3. With an electric mixer, beat cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla and lemon juice.
  4. Mix in whipped topping with spoon.
  5. Pour into prepared crust.
  6. Make holes throughout cheesecake (I used the end of a wooden spoon); place jam in holes.
  7. Gently swirl jam with a knife.
  8. Refrigerate cheesecake for at least 2 hours.
  9. Garnish with mint leaves and raspberries before serving, if desired.


To crush the cookies, place cookies in food processor or put them in a plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin until finely crushed.