Solar Light Jack O’Lantern

The leaves are starting to fall off of the trees, we are losing three minutes of daylight each day this month and Old Man Winter is starting to knock on the door, reminding me to get the furnace checked, purchase new snow boots for the kids, figure out Halloween costumes and clear out some clutter so I can organize some closets and rooms in a few months when I begin my annual hibernation! BUT. . .before I do any of {Read More}

Mile High Pumpkin Pie Bars

  It was such a BEAUTIFUL weekend! Believe it or not it was in the high 70’s! We packed a cooler, threw some clothes in a bag and took the family up north to the cabin. We swam in the lake, took a walk and had a fabulous lunch with family and friends. I mean COME ON, right? Just look at that beauty! When you wake up in the morning, look out your window, and see this, it almost brings {Read More}

Electric Eels

With school back in full swing, the excitement around learning has escalated in our house! My son started kindergarten this year and so far he’s LOVING it. The first week, he came home thrilled about some of the experiments they were doing in science class. I was ecstatic he was already doing projects like this the first week in! Truth of the matter is, this excitement around learning shouldn’t just revolve around what kids are doing at school, it should {Read More}

Spooky Expanding Ghost

Spooky ghost. Who am I kidding? This Spooky Expanding Ghost experiment isn’t really spooky at all! It’s cute, hilarious and so much fun! My almost 6-year-old is into science anything. . . and everything right now. He LOVES experiments. In fact, he received two science experiment sets for Christmas and they were his favorite gifts. . .EVER. So, he didn’t believe me when I told him we were going to inflate that limp ghost balloon hanging from the top of his {Read More}

Magic Potion Punch

The cool, crisp fall air is already approaching the Midwest. To me, it means comfort food (of course), scheduling a maintenance check for the furnace, stocking up on candles, deep cleaning the house before the snow flies and replacing our summer wardrobes with sweaters, sweatshirts and long pants. To my kids, it means. . .Halloween and the return of hats and mittens. With the latter being definitely the less important of the two. Sooo. . .Halloween planning in our house {Read More}

Witchy Caramel Apples

Although I’m never thrilled about the cooler weather as fall approaches, I do get excited about fall decorating and recipes. When September and October roll around it’s a crazy busy time of year for our family. My husband and daughter celebrate birthdays in September and my son and I celebrate our birthdays in October. Maybe one of the reasons I do enjoy this time of year is because we get to eat lots of cake. 🙂 Cake aside, it’s so {Read More}

DIY Simmering Potpourri

I’m not so sure I’m ready for autumn to be here yet. I’m still hanging on for dear life to whatever warmth might be left here in Wisconsin. Our last winter was just so long and harsh, I’m pretty sure I almost didn’t make it through. The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting another winter just like last year so I guess I should start preparing. Because our family spends so much time inside during the cold fall and winter months our {Read More}

Gel Air Freshener

DIY Gel Air Freshener – With only a few ingredients you can make your own gel air fresheners! Decorate with some silk flowers or leaves and they are pretty enough to even give as gifts! This post may include affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. So, I’m starting to accept the fact that fall is approaching. The days here are getting shorter already, the weather has been getting cooler, I have received more fall/harvest catalogs in the mail than I care to {Read More}

20 Recipes for Leftover Halloween Candy

    All Hallow’s Eve is over. Did you make it through? Our family did, thankfully. But now, we have a ton of leftover candy that will stick around until Valentine’s Day if I don’t do something with it. If your children went trick-or-treating, I’m betting you do, too. So what do you do with all that candy? I know, I know. You could take it to your children’s dental office and they may pay a certain amount of money per {Read More}

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Sign

  Happy, Happy Halloween! It’s foggy and rainy here today in Wisconsin but the weather man says that it should clear up a bit for the kiddos tonight. Thank goodness because trick-or-treating in soggy costumes isn’t much fun if you ask me!   My kids are pretty young yet, Dane (5), Cora (2), so we just go trick-or-treating within our neighborhood cul-de-sac, and so far, the kids have been happy and content with it. The costumes are ready to go, the {Read More}