Halloween Trick-or-Treat Sign

Happy, Happy Halloween! It’s foggy and rainy here today in Wisconsin but the weather man says that it should clear up a bit for the kiddos tonight. Thank goodness because trick-or-treating in soggy costumes isn’t much fun if you ask me!
My kids are pretty young yet, Dane (5), Cora (2), so we just go trick-or-treating within our neighborhood cul-de-sac, and so far, the kids have been happy and content with it. The costumes are ready to go, the candy bowl is overflowing and waiting on the kitchen table and we have a spooky, jack-o-lantern pizza planned for dinner tonight.
Dane is a Mutant Ninja Turtle and Cora is a cute, pink puppy this year. Because our whole family likes to get out of the house and go trick-or-treating together, I use the honor system for our candy bowl. I put the bowl outside the door and allow the little goblins to help themselves. Believe it or not, the children always do very well and it’s usually not until the trick-or-treat hours are almost over that I actually run out of treats and goodies.
Every year I create a sign to put with the bowl of candy that reminds trick-or-treaters to take only one or two goodies, to ensure there are enough treats left for other friends who will also be dropping by. It has worked out great. I’m sharing my sign because I think it’s so much fun to get out and go trick-or-treating together as a family. And there’s always a chance that once you return to the house there will still be some time left to personally hand out the rest of the treats.
So everyone have a spooky, safe and spectacular Halloween!

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