Magnetic Wiggle Eye Fridge

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I just started decorating for fall this past weekend. Am I behind? I went into a department store a couple days ago and saw a Christmas tree display. Yikes, I’m definitely not ready for that yet. I’m just slowly easing into fall. This year I’m starting with little touches here and there that will hopefully add up to a nicely decorated home when all is said and done.
I want to do a lot of fun things for the kids this year, so you’ll be seeing a few posts of just simple ideas to help bring some fall and “Halloweenish” charm into your home. The first of these is dressing up your fridge with wiggle eyes. Who doesn’t love wiggle eyes? They give character to any inanimate object, and I have to admit, I have them, I think, in every size they come.

All you need are two things for this simple idea: wiggle eyes and magnetic tape. Try to use a few different sizes to make your design more interesting. Here’s a disclaimer: if you have small children that still like to put everything in their mouths, you may want to wait a couple years before attempting this. . .as well as giving them any grapes, hotdogs and hard candies. Alright, now that I feel better about all of this, let’s begin!

I started by cutting a section of the tape down the middle.

Then I cut the strips into smaller squares.

I placed the small squares on the back of each of the wiggle eyes.

I played around with them a bit until I got the “look” I wanted. Get it? “Look?” Ha! It’s late folks. Humor me here.

For anyone on a diet, this could really help. You won’t get away with anything with all of those eyes looking back at you!

The kids loved it and started rearranging the eyes right away. Believe it or not, none of the eyes left the kitchen. If they took one off they always put it back on the fridge when they were done. AHHMAZING. Bring some whimsy into your kitchen this Halloween with this simple craft idea. This is a great project for your kids to help you with too. Where else could you put magnetic wiggle eyes? I’m tempted to put some on my front door too! Share your ideas for decorating with wiggle eyes. You can never have too many!

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