Embracing Your Curls: 7 Hair Care Tips You Need to Know

My curls have always been my trademark. They were the one thing that stuck with me through every stage in life. I can’t say I’ve always embraced my curls. We’ve had a love hate relationship for as long as I can remember. To me, my hair was always a lot to manage. That top right photo in the collage from my high school graduation day reminds me of the two hours I spent in front of the mirror getting ready that morning, {Read More}

Top 10+ FREE iPhone Beauty Apps

I think we’re all well aware of the saying, “There’s an app for that.” Today, it really DOES apply to most everything. In fact there are so many iPhone apps out there it can get quite overwhelming when trying to choose. Years ago most of us relied on magazines, television, books and word of mouth for the best beauty advice. Today we have all of those resources and more. For women, our smart phones are command central. And we use {Read More}