8 Homemade Hacks: Cleaning Recipes

Happy April Fool’s Day! I really don’t like this holiday AT ALL. People pull pranks on me all day because they know I’m gullible. I’m the type of person that trusts most everyone until you give me a reason not to. In this day and age I know that’s probably a dangerous quality to have, but that’s just me. Take it or leave it. So anyway, I’m not here today to share a cake recipe that could be passed off {Read More}

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10 Uses for Vaseline

Vaseline can at times be a controversial topic when it comes to being used for beauty. I’m not a doctor by any means but I can tell you that we’ve used Vaseline in my family for as long as I can remember and years and years even before me. Some of the uses in my list below do pertain to beauty but if you are uncomfortable using petroleum jelly on your body or don’t agree with it, no problem, just {Read More}