Bunny Butt Funfetti Easter Cheese Ball

dessert cheese ball in the shape of a bunny butt

This Funfetti Easter Cheese Ball is made with cake mix, sprinkles and white chocolate then shaped into a cute bunny butt!



  1. Add the cream cheese, sprinkles, white chocolate chips, cake mix, and vanilla to a medium mixing bowl.
  2. Work ingredients together with a spatula until mixed well.
  3. Separate mixture into one large ball, two medium size balls, and one small ball.
  4. Roll each one in shaved white chocolate.
  5. Use the large ball for the main bunny butt, the two medium size balls for the feet and the small one for the tail.
  6. Carefully flatten the medium-sized balls and shape them into feet.
  7. Press four M&Ms into each of the feet as pictured in the recipe image.
  8. Serve with vanilla wafers.